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For 30 years, Amethyst has been a central Ohio leader in long-term, gender-competent addiction and trauma treatment for homeless women and their families.



Our highly successful treatment program helps women transition back into society. Women leave Amethyst as healthy, productive citizens who work, further their education, raise children, buy homes and experience the joys in life that many of us take for granted.


The success of our women is largely a result of the phenomenal strength and courage it takes to enter into treatment at Amethyst. We fortify each woman’s courage by stabilizing our clients in permanent supportive housing and by providing treatment for them and their children.


The Amethyst treatment model allows families to become part of a living, healing community. The average length of stay for Amethyst’s women and their families is 23 months, giving them the time it takes to heal from the disease of addiction—which is why so many of our women are successful in their sobriety!




Sat, Sep 19th, @8:00am - 10:00AM
Amethyst's Annual Walk/5K Run

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