Amethyst works every day to ensure children have a safe and drug free place to live and grow.


Addiction, poverty, and violence have the propensity to perpetuate themselves generation after generation. Children raised in families coping with these problems struggle academically and miss more days of school than their counterparts. They're also likely to display emotional and mental challenges, which can create barriers to academic and social success. 

Amethyst's goal is to break the generational cycle.
We provide a healthy environment combined with supportive and therapeutic services designed with children's needs in mind. 

Children living at Amethyst receive after-school tutoring, and drug and violence prevention education that coaches children on important resistance skills and ways to effectively communicate with peers and others. Amethyst kids also have an opportunity to attend SummerQuest, our therapeutic summer day camp. 


Amethyst recognizes the importance of family inclusive treatment and strives to provide supportive wraparound care for the children whose mothers are in our IOP programming. We have a team including a Coordinator/Counselor, Case Managers, Parenting Advocate, and Child Care Specialists Services supported by the Child Team are:


EMERGENCY CHILD CARE --  Our hope is that no mother would have to miss treatment because she is unable to access childcare. Our staff welcomes children to participate in child care on-site while mothers are in programming.






ADVOCACY & SUPPORT -- We know that many children have been separated from mothers who have been in active addiction. Our hope is to advocate for the best needs of the family and support mothers through their reconnection with family. Sometimes, this means navigating with local child protective service agencies. Amethyst has a long history of collaboration with these agencies to help reunify families.