Many Amethyst children experience difficulties in school as a result of parental addiction. These children often exhibit emotional and mental challenges in the classroom, which can create barriers to academic success. The guidance and trauma-informed support provided by the SummerQuest staff and volunteers help these children achieve their educational goals. During camp, children receive math and science tutoring, giving them an opportunity to hone their skills in a safe and nurturing environment while preparing for success in the next school year.

Operating from June through August, SummerQuest is Amethyst’s intensive intervention camp for children ages 6-14 whose mothers are involved in Amethyst’s long-term addiction recovery program. 


The more than 30 Amethyst children who attend camp each year experience a special opportunity to heal and grow emotionally through activities and events that focus on:

In the summer of 1996 Amethyst held its first ever summer camp specifically designed to meet the needs of children whose mothers are in treatment.


This unique day camp provides the opportunity for youth to connect with others who have similar experiences, learn about addiction, and most importantly…PLAY!


Each summer is filled with adventures, field trips, and new supportive relationships for the children.  Mothers have the opportunity to participate in camp activities to support their children and have a good time, too!


Amethyst children receive prevention education surrounding both drug use and sexual health.



These services address specific risk factors within families and cover all forms of drug abuse, including the underage use of legal drugs, the use of illegal drugs, and the inappropriate use of legally obtained substances. Overall, this education is administered to enhance protective factors influencing the child and reduce risk factors prevalent in their lives.


• Sexual Health Curriculum

Children learn about the body, how the body works, and are trained in skills for preventing sexual violence.


SummerQuest provides a respectful environment that helps

children mature while developing strong social competencies.


Camp focuses include:


Children have an opportunity to verbalize feelings before acting out inappropriately

(i.e. hitting, fighting, and swearing)

Children learn to communicate in a respectful manner with both peers and adults.



Children are coached on how to resolve conflict nonviolently

(without hitting, fighting, swearing)

and solve problems without adult intervention.



Children receive instruction on how to say “no” to wrong-doing and resist negative peer pressure

and dangerous situations. Camp curriculum helps children develop the fortitude to avoid individuals

who are likely to get them into trouble.



Children are empowered to make thoughtful decisions and weigh choices.



Group activities help children develop the ability to work with others.

Children enjoy the opportunity to make friends and learn to show empathy and sensitivity toward peers and adults.



Camp activities help children understand and appreciate their own cultural identities and encourage them to be comfortable with people of different cultural backgrounds.